5 Quick & Effortless SEO Hacks To Boost Your Rankings (2018 Updated)

SEO is getting competitive! With Google’s frequent updates, it has become difficult to rank higher in SERPs using unethical techniques.

Everyone needs shortcuts which are effortless and works quickly. So, today, I’m going to explain 5 SEO Hacks which will ultimately boost your rankings in 2018.

These Techniques are not black hat and don’t support any unethical activity, which means you’ll not get penalized by Google after implementing these SEO Hacks.

Bonus: Download PDF Version of this blog post which contains all necessary SEO Hacks, Images, Resources + You can read it anytime! 

Before getting started. I would like to tell that there’s no such SEO Hack which will make you ZERO to HERO overnight. It will be your Smart Work plus Dedication which will make you rank higher in some span of time.


1. Increase Your Organic Click-Through Rate

One of the favorite Free SEO Tool for every Marketer (including me) is Google Search Console, though it is very underrated as it is provided by Google itself. 😛

Go to Google Search Console > Search Traffic > Search Analytics.

The scenario will look something like this:

Google Search Console


Here, it is showing you your Organic Clicks, Impressions, CTR, and Position.

What are Impressions?

If someone searches for a keyword in Google, and your website is ranked on that page (means the user see your website) then it is called an Impression.

It doesn’t make sense how many times you appear on the first page of Google if no one clicks your website.

Less Clicks = Less CTR = Low Rankings

Now, scroll down and check the pages that are getting more impressions but fewer clicks i.e. Low CTR.

checking organci ctr

You need to improve organic CTR for these pages (Keywords).

…But how?

By making the Title and Description Catchy!

Let me give you an example, there are two different titles for the same blog post:

#1. 12 Tips For Weight Loss.

#2. How To Lose Weight Fast: 3 Simple Steps, Based On Science!

Which of these will you click on?

#2 obviously! because it is eye-catching and more effective.

If you have an eye-catching Title and Meta Description, the chances are that more people will click it.

Let’s say you’re at last on the first page of Google for a keyword and all the first 9 result’s titles are not eye-catching and effective. The chances are that most people will click on your website.

This will send a message to Google Bots that your result is better than others, why not make it rank higher?

I guess you got my point! 😉

2. Cross-Linking: Best On-Page SEO Hack!

Interlinking is one of the BASIC and BEST On Page SEO Technique which results in good search engine rankings if you do it properly.

What about Cross-Linking? Is it same like interlinking?

Add Links to your Main blog posts (in-depth guides) for which you want to rank for, in your sidebar with “Main Keyword” or  “Targeted Keyword” as your anchor text.

See what Neil Patel is doing! If you open up any of his blog posts, you’ll notice that he linking to his most popular guides (posts) in the sidebar.

According to Neil, this has been a very effective and working SEO Hack which helped him to rank for many big keywords including “Online Marketing” and “SEO”.

For example, If you’re linking to your SEO Guide on your every other page, Google will think that it is important for you and your readers…

…”Why not rank it higher and reach more people?”

Beleive me, it works! 🙂

3. Skyscraper Technique: Best Link Building SEO Hack!

There are many Basic to Advanced Link Building Techniques like Blog Commenting, Guest Blogging, Email Outreaching etc.

The Skyscraper is one of my favorite Link Building Technique which actually works great!

It is divided into 4 simple steps:

#1. Choose a blog post Topic or Keyword to write your next article.

#2. Check your competitor’s content and create more long and better content.

#3. Analyse Backlinks of Top Search Results and check who is linking to that article. Simply email them with your pitch that you have created better and updated content, and ask them for a link.

#4. Get high-quality Backlinks, now Rank and Bank!

This Link Building SEO Hack works great if implemented in right way. You need not copy your competitor’s content, you just need to create a better version of your top competitor’s content, So that it looks appealing while you reach out for a Link!

I personally use Ahrefs for spying my competitors and checking Backlinks and recommends you the same as it works great.

4. Making your website load Super Fast!

We’re living in 2018, most of the people are using their Mobile Phones to access the Internet. Make sure your website loads super fast on mobile devices.

I have some simple yet working tips/techniques to make your website load fast on all devices.

#1. Use Lightning Fast Hosting (Server): I recommend to use premium hosting providers like Siteground, WPEngine, Digital Ocean etc. Don’t go for cheap hosting providers. There are many Advantages of using good hosting like Security. Speed, Regular Backups etc.

#2. Optimizing Images: If you’re using WordPress, you can use WP Smush. It is a free WordPress Plugin which will optimize and compress your images. It will help you to make your website faster.

#3. Using Caching Plugins: You can use any free Caching Plugin like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache. It will increase your site loading speed if you implement it properly.

#4. Using Content Delivery Networks: If your server is located in India, then it may take more time to load your website in the USA. I’m sure your website visitors are worldwide internet users, to make sure your website loads fast all over the globe you should use CDN such Cloudflare or Akamai.

#5. Using AMP: AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which is backed by Google and helps to load your pages faster on mobile devices. If you’re using AMP Framework then you need not worry about your website visitor’s Internet Speed! It is specifically developed for slow internet users.

If you follow these techniques, then your website’s speed will increase and it will make a positive impact on Rankings and User Experience.

These techniques don’t take much time, still, you can outsource it from your VA and save your time and efforts.

5. Focusing On Single Topic

Most of the people start a multi-niche blog where they write about all the topics like Tech, Android, iOS, and Windows etc. (all topics covered in the single blog).

Instead, you should choose a single Topic, let’s say Android and keep writing detailed articles on this niche.

Beleive me, it is a most powerful SEO Hack!

Now Google prefers websites in which a single topic is covered in detail. If you keep focus on one topic, then Google will rank you higher.

For example, this is my personal blog, and I’m passionate about SEO. So, I keep adding content related to Link Building and SEO.

Once I feel SEO and Link Building Topics are almost covered and I’ve gained enough authority & getting good organic traffic, I can move to the next topic like Affiliate Marketing or Blogging. 😉

This is how it works! Patience and Consistent Work is key.

Wrapping It Up…

SEO is not as easy as it looks!

These SEO Hacks works great if you work consistently for a longer period of time.

Beleive me, these 5 Hacks can help you do wonders if done properly.

(I’ll soon come up with my results on this blog (as I just started it recently) and publish as a Case Study which will actually inspire you to become a better SEO).

These 5 SEO Hacks + Some Efforts + Consistent Work = Rank & Bank!Click To Tweet

Do let me know in comments Which of these SEO Hacks you’re using and how is it working for you? 😀

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