9 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers 2017

Google Adsense Alternatives

When it comes to Blog Monetization to make some quick money, Bloggers think about using Google Adsense.

But… Google Adsense doesn’t approve new accounts easily, So it becomes difficult for a newbie Blogger who doesn’t have any authority on his blog.

Are you:

  • A Blogger who is receiving decent traffic, but not making any money?
  • A Blogger, who’s Adsense Account Disabled recently?
  • Looking for Adsense Alternatives?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then this post is for you. 😉

Google Adsense is still one of the best programmes to monetize a Blog with ads. But the sad part is, Google Adsense’s policies are strict!

If you don’t follow Adsense’s policies, Google may ban your account.

In this situation, you must have to join other Ad Network or move completely to Affiliate Marketing (to make money).

Google Adsense Alternatives

There are mainly TWO major Google Adsense Alternative for Bloggers or Small Website Owners:

  1. Joining other Ad Networks.
  2. Joining Affiliate Networks (or Programs).

Here, I have listed 9 Best Google Adsense Alternatives, which is divided into 2 parts i.e, Ad Networks, and Affiliate Programs.

Ad Networks

I this part, I’ll tell you some Ad Networks, which works same like Google Adsense.

You need High Traffic on your blog to make some money out of these networks. It’s based on Cost Per Click/Impression, same like Adsense.

These networks are good for you if you’re a newbie, and has no option to make money. If you’re into serious Blogging Business, Then I’ll not suggest you go for these networks, as the revenue is not scalable

Program NameMinimum PayoutAd TypePayment MethodSign Up Link
Media.Net $100Display
Text Ads
Wire Transfer
Apply Now
InfoLinks$50 In-Text Ads
In Tags Ads
In Search Ads
Apply Now
Chitika$10Contextual AdsPayPalApply Now
Wire Transfer
Apply Now
Wire Transfer
Apply Now

Affiliate Marketing Programs

In this part, I will talk about Google Adsense Alternatives which has more money, growth, and bright future.

In Ad Networks, you’re paid very less because you don’t provide them leads or sales. You’re paid on Cost Per Click basis, which is not much profitable.

Here, I will talk about Google Adsense Alternatives, which are even better than Adsense, i.e. Affiliate Marketing Programs. 😉 This is even good Adsense Alternative for low traffic sites.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a process of promoting/referring products or services to your website/blog posts. Whenever someone buys a Product or Service through your Affiliate Link, you’re paid a fix commission.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Better User Experience for your visitors (No Spammy Ads).
  • It is better than Adsense, and most of its Alternatives.
  • You can promote products anywhere, like blog/website or even through your Facebook timeline, or groups.
  • You’re provided a unique Affiliate Link, by which you can track clicks and sales.
  • You can make money on Complete Auto Pilot with Affiliate Marketing.
  • …and many more!

Let’s check some easy to promote and High Paying Affiliate Programs. 🙂

Affiliate Program NameBenifitsMinimum PayoutPayment MethodSign Up Link
GrammarlyGet $25 instantly when you join.
$20 Per Sale.
$50Direct DepositApply Now
AmazonVariety of products to promote.
Most trusted online retailer.
$100PayoneerApply Now
BluehostHuge Commissions. $100PayPalApply Now

Wrapping Up…

If you’re looking for a better Google Adsense Alternative, then these products can help you make good money.

No matter if your Adsense Account disabled! Don’t worry, the real game will begin when you’ll start Affiliate Marketing…

…Because Adsense isn’t the best monetization method for a blog. 😉

If you’ve low but quality traffic on your blog, then also you can make good money by promoting your blog for free (There are many free ways which works great!).

I wish you all the best for blogging journey. 🙂

Do let me know (in the comments) which Ad Network or Affiliate Programs you’re using to Monetize your blog.



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