How To Do Blog Commenting: The Right Way Which Actually Works!

Blog Commenting has become a way of spamming for some newbie bloggers. I have got to experience in last two years that some bloggers used to spam other’s blog badly just to rank on Google within 2-3 months of time.

Does SEO Works this way? Is Blog Commenting Dead, or it still works?

If you have any doubts related to any of these questions, then keep reading because today I’m going to explain about “How to do blog commenting”.

First of all, the answer to the first question is, SEO Doesn’t work this way! The tactics which I’m going to explain today about Blog Commenting doesn’t support spamming or any Black Hat thing.

New Bloggers are directed towards wrong side (or you can say dark side) by so-called Pro Bloggers. I will like to tell you that I’m not a Pro Blogger or a Guru, I’m just a normal Internet Marketing guy who is here in the community to make money and help others to do the same, but legally!

So, without wasting your time, let’s start talking about the topic, i.e. Blog Commenting!

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog Commenting is one of the simplest ways of creating Backlinks. These Backlinks are also called Comment Backlinks.

In simple words, Comment Backlinks are those which are created by commenting on other websites/blogs of your niche.

If you are a regular reader then must have seen a comment box at the end of the blog post where you can leave feedback or ask a question to the author by commenting. You are asked to put your name, email address, website link, and the comment.

When you put your blog link in the URL section, a backlink is created (which gets indexed in google in few days and gives you benefits).

How To Do Blog Commenting?

As I already said Blog Commenting is one of the simplest, easiest, and best way to create a backlink and increase authority.

Finding Blog for commenting is not a task (actually).

How to find a blog for commenting?

Well, become a good reader, start reading blogs which are related to your niche (industry). Subscribe to email newsletters and follow the authority or popular blogs in your industry.

Make a habit of reading at least 5 pleasant articles daily which are related to your industry. Instead of just leaving “thanks” in comments, try to ask some questions and try to be in touch with them (as much as possible).

Are you wondering WHY? Keep reading, I’ll be explaining everything in this article!

Blog Commenting Tips

While making a comment, make sure you follow these instructions given below for a better comment which actually gives you results and benefits.

1. Anchor Text

When you comment on an authority site, the chances are that the comments will be approved by the blog owner (which means you can’t spam). Most of the times the anchor text will be your Name or Blog Name (as shown below).

No matter if your most of the anchor texts are your Name or Brand Name, Google will see it as a natural link.

…But there are some Blogs with Auto-Approved Comment Section where you can leave a comment with your desired anchor text and the comment will be published automatically.

In these types of blogs, make sure to keep your Exact Match Anchor Text (Your desired Keyword that you want to rank for) low, about 3-5% only.

This will look natural, and the backlinks will not be seen as Spammed in the eyes of Google.

2. Don’t Use Exact Match Anchor Text

Exact Match Anchor Text means making backlink with the main keyword that you want to rank for. If your content attracts natural links with Exact Match Anchor Text, then it is okay.

When you start a New Blog and want to make it big and authority site, your main focus should be on Content (not links). Therefore, your mind should not be on the wrong side (like spamming).

If you start making links with Exact Match Anchor Text on the first day then it’ll be treated as a SPAM!

So, which types of Anchor Text to use in the start?

Use Anchor Texts like:

  • Click here“, “Read here“, “more information” etc. [It should look like a genuine comment]
  • Naked URLs like, ““, ““, etc.

This looks more natural and works great if you’re into Micro Niche Sites or Event Blogs.

You must be wondering where to find blogs to comment on?

I’ll be explaining a simple method to find these types of blogs (Keep reading till then). 🙂

3. Use Your Real Information While Commenting

When you leave a comment on a blog post, don’t just comment for a sake of a backlink. It is much more than it.


  • Real Name: The Blog Owner gets to know your real name (Good Point).
  • Real Photo: The Author gets to see you (Again a +1). You can use Gravatar for this purpose.
  • Real and Profesional E-mail Address: This makes a good impression for the author.

Find Blogs For Commenting (Personally Tested Method)

This is a FREE Method by which you can easily find Blogs for commenting which are relevant to your blog’s niche or Keywords. This tutorial is simply divided into 4 steps:

  1. Save SERPs Redux Bookmarklet
  2. Search Google With Special String
  3. Set Search Settings
  4. Use SERPs Redux To Save List

1. Save SERPs Redux Bookmarklet

Go to this link and Save SERPs  Redux Bookmarklet on your Chrome Browser (Video Tutorial is given in the link).

 The first Step is completed! 😉

2. Search Google With Special String  

Go to Google and search your keyword as shown below.

Here “entrepreneurship” is my keyword (just an example) and “commentluv” is a search string which I’m using to find blogs with CommentLuv enabled.

Some Bloggers use CommentLuv Plugin to attracts visitors to comment because the visitor who is commenting gets backlinks to his latest blog post automatically.

This is a win-win situation for both the”reader” and the “writer”.

By using this search string, you can find blogs which are using this plugin.

This is an example of CommentLuv Enabled Blog.

After searching for a keyword with this string, you’ll get hundreds (or thousands) of blog posts. So, how to get the list of all (let’s say Top 100 Sites)?

For this, we need to move to the next step, keep reading!

3. Set Search Settings

After searching, go to settings > search settings.

Now, set “Results per page” to 100.

Now you will see 100 results in the SERPs.

4. Use SERPs Redux Bookmarklet To Save List

On the SERPs Page, click on the SERPs Redux Bookmarklet and save the first 100 results in a spreadsheet (or MS Excel),

Now, you can use these blogs to comment and get a backlink easily to your latest blog posts.

Important Note: If you’re into serious blogging and working on building an Authority Blog, then comment on maximum 20 Blogs only in a week (4 blogs maximum per day).

Are Comment Backlinks Enough?

My answer to this question is a YES and a NO!

Most of the times, comment links are nofollow which doesn’t give much boost to rankings. But both (Dofollow and Nofollow) backlinks are necessary for a healthy blog.

If you’re working on micro niche site, then you may get ranked on Google with Comment Backlinks and some other backlinks (Guest Post, Profile Links), But for an authority blog, it is not sufficient.

Still, Comment Backlinks helps to increase Domain & Page Authority of a blog that too for free. So, it is not a bad deal spending time on blog commenting.

If you’re working to build a brand through a blog like me, then you need to think beyond backlinks. Here comes “Relationship Building”.

What is Relationship Building?

Building good relationships with Influencers and Pro Bloggers is all about making connections by talking to them, meeting them in events and much more.

This will benefit you getting contextual backlinks from High Authority Sites.

So, how it is related to blog commenting? (You must be wondering)

When you comment a question in the blog post, a conversation starts with you and the blog owner. This way you get connected to the man behind that blog (maybe through social platforms).

This way after building good relationships with other fellow bloggers, you can ask them to link to your blog post.

(They will never say NO to their regular readers, Plus you may get a chance to contribute to their blog by guest posting, which will ultimately give you a backlink).

Well, this post is not about Building Good Relations with Influencers, but I’ll write another massive article about this one where you will get an in-depth guide. (Comming Soon).

Wrapping Up!

Blog Commenting is an amazing technique for attracting a backlink, getting new readers (traffic), and making connections with Influencers.

Here, I explained a basic yet working techniques to find blogs for commenting, with 3 Major Tips for a better Blog Comment.

So, did you liked my post where I explained everything about Blog Commenting? If you did then please do share this article with your rising Blogger and Marketer friends (I’ll be highly thankful to you). 🙂

Do comment below and let me which Link Building Techniques are you using, and is Blog Commenting giving you good results?

If you have any suggestions or questions, then feel free to ask them below, I’ll be happy to reply you.

Thank you!



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  1. Thanks Gaurav,

    It’s an awesome comment guide, you have good writing skills as well. I have learned many thing from this guide specially from the part of Relationship Building and SERPs Redux.

    I was looking for a tool like SERPs Redux for the other works of mine and Now I can use it 😀

    As I am impressed with your Writing skills, I think you should make a post on this one also 😉

    Great going with your 2018 resolution (Blogging),
    All the best brother 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot, Anshul! 🙂

      I’ll write about “How you can write better content” soon.

      And YES, my resolution is going good, the target is to write one article every single week. Let’s see if I can achieve it or not.

      Glad you liked my content, hope it helps you!

  2. nice Post bro. 🙂

    And Make sure you use “you” word in article then reader think you chat with them and article more user friendly too.

    and i think you explan more about is this backlink is do-follow or no-follow and how to check.

    Otherwise article is best. 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks a lot, Akash!

      And yes, I’m familiar with Storytelling and have implemented the same. You’ll notice if you have read the complete article. 😉

      Dofollow and Nofollow are known by most of the bloggers, and this post would look much messy if I explain every single detail, but I’ll keep this in mind and write another article which explains completely about Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks.
      (I’ll update this post after linking to that article).

      Thanks for your comment, I hope it helped! 🙂

      1. yes bro otherwise article is good with easy to understand and i learn one new thing too. 🙂

        and if you choose one topic then try to start with zero to hero then your post become bookmark post.

  3. “Blog Commenting has become a way of spamming for some newbie bloggers” You just nailed it in first line.

    For finding HQ blogs, I use Pinterest anf to manage and save them I use start me bookmaker service.

    P. S just tweeted.

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    i was happy about your information , because i don’t aware about blog commenting uses , really i have been grab lot of useful information from your article thank you.

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